Posted by: Bearskin | May 3, 2009

5/3/09 8:40 AM / Note from Erik

I’m headed out now (from North House Folk School, Sunday morning around 9 a.m.) Dawn will take a photo of me headed out with the new canoe cover (that she felt like she spent hours and hours sewing on the sewing machine until wee hours of the last few mornings).   

I was able to trim 30 pounds from my outfit! I finally took Tim Cochrane’s (G.P. Nat’l Monument Superintendent) advice and cut my tooth brush in half!  LOL 

 All else goes very well. Thank you all. Erik




  1. I have travelled with Erik by dog team and he travels lighter then most and lives a very uncluttered life in the woods.

    He must have had to work hard to cut that much gear and still keep Kitigan. Shows his priority in life!

    Be safe my friend!

  2. Following your blog here in Indiana Eric. Thx for carrying us along on the journey. While it’s good you trimmed 30 lbs from your outfit, I doubt you will be able to go “ultralight”. No kevlar birchbark!

    And you can NEVER carry enough chocolate!

  3. I met Eric & Kitigan today at the Fall River just south of Grand Marais while hiking with my dog. He was thinking about camping the night at the Fall river due to the unfavorable winds and large swells on the lake today. It was great to meet him and learn about his trip seeing I am a paddle myself. I look forward to tracking his journey. I posted a few pictures I took while we talked and posted them here:

    Good Luck Eric!

  4. Erik-
    30 lbs. lighter will make a huge difference. But do the math, my friend. If your outfit is lighter, you’ll use less energy to get from place to place. That means that you don’t need so much food, which of course means that you are carrying too much chocolate. Hand it over buddy!

    Good luck!

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