Posted by: Bearskin | May 5, 2009

5/3 – 5/5/09 News

Dawn Simula sent this info on Monday: “Erik finally departed yesterday (Sunday)  from North House around noon. He had a strong headwind when he took off. He is going to try to make it to Silver Bay by Friday.”

We knew he didn’t make it too far on Sunday, based on this post on the blog  “Perfect Duluth Day:” 

While on a hike this afternoon with my dog near Grand Marais I met Erik Simula on a unique canoeing journey…. See a couple more pictures I took during my brief conversation with him on the shores of Lake Superior as he landed on shore to camp due to the poor wind conditions and rough seas for paddling.”

Today Dawn reported: “Erik called me last night (Monday), except the reception was terrible. I did manage to hear that he was setting up camp at the Temperance River. He paddled 27 miles! He sounded tired but good. I just received a text from him that he’s been wind bound all day (Tuesday). The lake was raging, so he’s laid over for another night. We’ll see how the weather is tomorrow, but with the forecast it doesn’t look good. Kitigan is doing awesome! She’s such a great dog.”

We traveled to Duluth on Monday, watching Lake Superior for Erik for as long as it seemed possible to spot him.  The lake was calm for much of the day, so it’s not surprising he went 27 miles.   I think we stopped looking for him on Lake Superior much too soon. When he can finally get going, the guy really moves.



  1. Erik, you are living up to my Beargrease experiences with you. Waiting, waiting, waiting- then- there you are. Wish I was with you friend!
    Your re-supply is eagerly waiting in Grand Rapids!

  2. Wow! 27 miles, what a great day. Enjoyed having coffee with you on the beach, keep it up.

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