Posted by: Bearskin | May 10, 2009

5/6/ – 5/10 Watch for Erik between Two Harbors & Duluth this week

An update from Dawn Simula received today, May 10th:

“Just a quick update on Erik.  He arrived in Beaver Bay Friday May 8th and set up camp. I met with him there.  He is doing great and so is Kitigan.  On Saturday we awoke to rain, wind, and a rough sea. Another layover.
Today however, is beautiful! The lake is calm and the sun is shining! He packed the canoe and headed out.  At 11 AM he sent me a message that he was just passing Split Rock and was on his way to Two Harbors.  I imagine he will camp there tonight and if the weather is good tomorrow he will continue on toward Duluth. I plan on meeting up with him again there.”

If anyone spots Erik along Lake Superior in the next few days, send us a picture!



  1. Hi Erik, I think the worse is behind you now that you will finally be getting off the big lake! Thinking of you, had a dance and listened to the drums at Elder’s pow-wow for ya!
    Sue Smith

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