Posted by: Bearskin | May 12, 2009

5/11-5/12/09 Lakewood Station/entering Duluth

News from Dawn Simula this morning.  She last heard from Erik  at Lakewood Station, 8 miles from Duluth. She shared this enjoyable little family story: 

“My daughter Shannon and a couple of friends were returning from Duluth when they thought they saw him.  At the time he was just a small “RED” speck on the water.
So, after jumping up and down and yelling “Erik”  he finally spotted them! He paddled to shore and had a very nice visit  (she hadn’t seen him since he left Grand Marais) with the girls.  Shannon was ecstatic to see him and Kitigan.

He plans on getting an early start this a.m. I will let you know where he ends up. The
weather looks to change again, so we will see!”

ADDENDUM:  We’ve just learned that entering Duluth under the lift bridge did not go well.  Erik is OK.  But it was a rough spot to be in a canoe today.



  1. Hol-Rye Erik,

    Take care as I know you will, enjoy the small things as they turn out to be the big memories

    Cheers Todd & Cheryl

  2. Erik –
    Bonne chance, mon ami et bievenue au Duluth! What a welcome, eh? Glad to hear you’re doing OK. Will keep checking this site to see how you’re progressing. You will have some grand stories when next we meet at GP.

  3. I’m following this with great interest as a “southern canoe enthusiast.” Amazing journey. Look forward to following along.

    Read the news report on the “rescue.” I’m glad everyone is okay.

  4. Erik is in Duluth patching up his canoe after an interesting encounter in the Duluth ship canal. We got him coffee and lunch and dried his clothes and sent him on his way.

  5. Glad you didn’t swap in the canal. We have had Duluth Pack employees resuced from the canal. Best of luck on the rest of your journey!

  6. Just read the story in the DNT about Erik. I work for a paddlesports company, Kokatat and would be happy to get Erik in a new lifejacket. I’m in Duluth– how do I get in touch with him? megankress {at} gmail {dot} com.

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