Posted by: Bearskin | May 13, 2009

From: There and Back/Blogging the North Shore

Blog post and photo from Andrew Slade, author of Skiing the North Shore and Camping the North Shore.   Andrew visited  Bearskin Lodge last winter.  He recently wrote a comment on this blog that if Erik needed a place to stay in Duluth on his journey, he could stop at his home on Park Point.  What do you know, that piece of info just happened to come in handy.



  1. Erik, really after all we have been through you didn’t think that fire fighters really would check that a zipper was functional! I guess that paddling in Superior from the border seemed less risky than being in the canal with a broken, unpolished zipper.
    I’ll pay the fine my friend. Again, godspeed

  2. I’ve been dreaming about a trip like this
    ever since I read Holling C. Holling’s book, Paddle-To-The-Sea, sixty years ago. Maybe Eric read it too. Some of the photos even look like Holling’s paintings, except Eric and his craft aren’t about twelve inches long and carved out of spruce…(see the children’s section of any library for the
    wonderful Holling books).

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