Posted by: Bearskin | June 15, 2009

Brief update 6/11- 6/14

Dawn Simula sent us a short update on Erik’s progress.  He is farther north than we expected.  She said:

I heard from Erik on June 11th that he was at “safe camp” at Ober’s Island on Rainy Lake. He didn’t elaborate on anything but I was sure glad to hear from him! 

Last night (written Sunday, June 14th) I received another message from him.  He just got off the Rainy Lake and was at the west end of Kabetogama Lake via Black Bay-Gold portage. However, he did say,  “It’s nice to see rock again!” and that he is heading to Crane Lake.  Is the man making mileage or what?! 🙂   I will be meeting him there.


  1. So happy to hear you are safe and doing so well. Looking forward to hearing all the stories you will have to tell.

    Stay safe

    Helen and the Prairie Isle sled dogs

  2. Erik…thank you so much for stopping by at Camp Kooch-i-ching and Ogichi Daa Kwe! It’s great to read you got through Rainy Lake. Our boy campers have gone out on their first round of trips and the girl campers come in 3 days! God speed, my friend. We’ll be talking to you!

    Campbell, John & Mike Jolly

  3. Erik,
    Wow, Rainey, Kab and Crane- your covering soem old familiar territory! Border Route ahead- old friend!
    Seems like you were just in GR!
    Godspeed again – Tim,Beth, Erik and Addison

  4. Nice job and an interesting trip. Travis Novitsky told me about the adventure and I hope to see him in early July. Great idea and a great route.

  5. We have been out of town so just now checked on Erik’s progress. What an amazing young man. Have a great visit and Crane Lake. We will continue to pray for Erik’s safe travel.
    Sandie (and Fred)

  6. Go, Erik! If your route is the triangle of the Arrowhead, you’ve already finished two of the three sides! Better slow down and enjoy the border country, or you’ll be at Portage by the 4th of July.

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