Posted by: esimula | August 4, 2009

Partridge Falls – Pigeon River 8/4/2009

Day 105    8/4/2009    Partridge Falls Departure    50-70 o F   NW Winds 5-10 mph  Sunny

Resuming canoe travel for final 12 miles of journey!  Kitigan and I are in fine spirits and top shape for the last leg.  The canoe has been repaired and pitched tight.  

We plan to arrive at the Grand Portage Rendezvous on Friday, August 7, 2009, at the Historic Encampment in “The Pines” (Grand Portage National Monument Picnic Grounds) on Lake Superior.  I hope to complete the Grand Portage Trail by 4 p.m., and visit from 4 – 5 p.m.  The public is welcome.  I look forward to seeing my family and friends!

As always, we will travel safely, quietly, and with respect for the land, wildlife and the people who call this beautiful area home.  Migwetch!  Kiitos!  (Thank you!)



  1. I was pleased to meet you at Fort Charlotte campsite on the Pigeon River on August 6. Thank you for your patience in showing me the construction of the canoe even though you were probably anxious to hit the trail! Happy Journeys

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