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  1. Poindexter!!!!!!!!!!!


    How in the world are you? See you’re somewhat famous these days. You’re old Army buddy is still hanging out in Tennessee. Found this after Theres found you and let me know. Would love to hear from you. Can plug you into Miller, Sargent and Frenchie as well. Get in contact when you can.

    David Lowrie (aka-Tennessee)


    I had the pleasure of meetiing a friend of yours, Randy (assuming it is the same Randy S. that is posted here several times), on Grand Island this weekend. We took a walk while our significant others were running the 10K trail race. He enlightened me about your trip! WOW!! is all I could think of saying!! This is probably not a very unique response, but just my immediate reaction to your very zealous friend…who impressed me greatly when talking about your friendship, and your many talents … you are a rare and unique find in a world of too many bland characters.

    So, I just wanted to wish you well on your journey..and I will, hopefully, see your adventures in print someday…you sound like an amazing man.

  3. Erik — Boozhoo/Red-eye!

    I received your card you sent from Sommers!

    Megwitch, Merci beaucoups!

    I’ll be in Thunder Bay with Joyce on July 27,28.

    Will drive up the Gunflint July 30 and see if you’ve passed by yet.

    Good Trail!


  4. E!!!
    Wanted to let you know Fred Marks of Ely and Canton, MS stopped by the park Sunday to look you up. He is sorry he missed you and hopes your trip is good. Comments that they made it to Hudson Bay =) Take care, amber.

  5. Erik,
    I’ve been listening to the northwest wind, thinking about you, and remembering all our campfires. I’m with you in spirit!

  6. My wife and I did the misissipi from bemidji to big sandy lake, across the savannah portage to floodwood and down to I-35 at cloquet. The east savannah river is choked with downed trees and beaver dams, the east end of the portage trail in the park is overgrown, and the middle section is underwater. A very difficult journey that has its own special rewards. we did the whole portage from big sandy to floodwood in one day because we stuck to the roads and used portage wheels. good luck.
    PS- I am currently canoeing from rochester ny to baltimore.

  7. Erik:
    Quote from the Forest Idyl 1892

    Our dancing birches skim the quiet lake,
    Graceful as swans upon the swelling ocean;
    The lithesome paddles scarce a ripple make,
    As on we glide, the poetry of motion;
    And list–the song, “My Bark is on the sea,”
    Floats on the air, in some wild melody.


  8. Hey, Erik. Jim Ouray here, the puppet guy from North House. I moved down here to Duluth over the winter. Remember Rachel? We visited with our kids while you were building a canoe at Portage the summer before last. We live on the beach at Park Point. 1014 S. Lake Ave.(five houses past the new, large white condo monstrosity, about 1/4 mi. from the bridge). If you care to visit, rest, bathe, eat, and or camp here, we would be delighted. We also have a guest bedroom if you like. There’s a large pine tree and several canoes in the back yard. You’re welcome any time. If we don’t see you, best wishes and have a great trip. By the way, the Summer Solstice Pageant is going to be about the Voyageurs this year. Have fun! Jim

  9. Hey Erik!
    Awesome trip. I live on the St.Louis in Jay Cooke State Park and would love to see you on the big carry up to Scanlon. Would be willing to lend a hand if allowed as well. So give a shout when you get near. 218-310-0264.

  10. i watched some of your departure from the road and the hill. it will be a great day on your return.
    will follow on-line. safe journey niij

  11. Hi Erik, just wondering how your getting along, thinking of you. Hope everything is going to plan!
    Sue Smith

  12. Erik, Vern stopped by and let me know of your new beginning…a new chapter of your life journey. Anna and I will be thinking of you and visualizing your powerful experiences, as we work in the garden this summer. May all your animal allies be with you. Regards and best wishes, j.sun

  13. Wonderful trip and fine idea to celebrate oneself, it is a meditation , it is loving nature , it is loving oneself.
    I love to do the same kind, I did that kind in ancient
    forest, walking and guiding people for 3 weeks in Finland. We drank all the time natural waters,
    and slept in tents or under the trees.
    I dream to write my new book: Nature is our firend,
    ecotherapy in practice, soon in English and come and train people all around the world. Your canoe is
    beautiful. love greetings from Finland

  14. Terve Niiji,

    we wish you all the best. I am really glad to see you happy.
    See you soon & remember……BBP.


  15. Erik:

    I wish you safe travels on the incredible adventure.

    Gary Kaunonen

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